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Dear Friends,

I am taking this opportunity to personally thank every single one of you for your friendship and valuable membership to any of our three Ronin Brotherhood Ronin Goju Ryu Kai World Karate Organization (RGRK), the International Ronin Martial Arts Federation (IRMAF) and the Ronin Police Defensive Tactics Association (RPDTA).

Your membership enabled us to accomplish so much this year. Our goals are to have our members coordinate international events to participate in other Ronin event allowing them the opportunity to travel internationally representing their dojos. This year, two members of the Ronin Executive Board traveled to Canada and on my behalf promoted Canada Region's Directors Renshi Adette Rice and Renshi James Fries to the 6th Degree Black Belt and the title of "Shihan". This year we were able to visit the Country of Venezuela. This visit was a very important one, our last visit was almost ten (10) years ago. The Venezuelan Country Directors had done an outstanding job spreading the Ronin Brotherhood through their country. Numerous seminars were offered to members of the three groups. Ranks recognitions and promotions were offered to included two very special ones, RGRK member Gabriel Delgado (Physically Handicap) to Brown Belt and IRMAF member Don Salcedo, an 84 years young to 5th Dan . Also Ronin Executive Board Kyoshi Dr. Richard Velasquez, on my behalf promoted RGRK Director William Rodriguez to the 6th Dan and the title of "Shihan". We were able to visit the Ronin Puerto Rico Region and assisted in the selection of new Directors and established a Board of Director for PR composed of very experienced and knowledgeable Martial Artists. The Director of PR Ramon Colon along with the Director of the State of Florida were promoted to the Ranks of 6th Dan. They are planning to have a half a dozen Ronin events this year. During our visit to Mexico and after some seminars and trainings, experience martial artists from the styles of Shito Ryu and Muay Thai, joined RGRK. Sensei Irving Barroso MBA and Sensei Ricardo Puentes Esq. were selected as Country Director of our new Mexico Region. At this present time, Renshi Parmod Chand from India is in the final step of becoming the India Region Director for RGRK along with several Black Belts. During this year, In Trinidad & Tobago a group of excellent "Budokas" continue doing an outstanding job for IRMAF and numerous seminars are been coordinated.

This year, two new Regions Mexico and India joined Ronin Brotherhood. It is anticipated that new members coming from South Africa will be joining us. With your membership and renewals we will be able to create and exhibit new Ronin merchandize items at our websites, and We are proud of what we've able to do and we could not have done it without you!

We are asking to please renew your membership today!

For new members please click on the patch of the Ronin group that you choose for the respective PDF application to appears, fill it the blanks and mail it with the membership fee to the provided address.

Thanks again, your friend and brother,

Hanshi Carlos H. Montalvo - Founder and CEO


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